What is the Federal strategy against poverty? (PHOTO)

В чем заключается федеральная стратегия борьбы с бедностью? (ФОТО)

Recently published documents suggest that the Federal liberal government is planning the implementation of the poverty reduction strategy, using an integrated approach. Efforts to create a plan to reduce poverty ongoing for almost a year.

In November last year, senior officials from several departments met to discuss the problem of poverty and to plan solutions with the help of government spending, which was called “the First canadian Federal strategy for reducing poverty”, which reglamentary the Directorate of employment and social development Canada.

In a briefing obtained by the canadian press in accordance with the “Law on access to information,” says public strategy will include numerous Federal programs and to associate their efforts to contribute to poverty reduction.

“The strategy that will be developed must be comprehensive, to include many Federal programs and activities in the framework of the Federal government, which will contribute to poverty reduction,” – said in a briefing from Infrastructure Canada.

Press Secretary of the Minister of social development Jean-Yves Duclos said that the government has already taken steps to reduce poverty and increase opportunities in Canada and plans to continue as part of the final strategy.

“Our government believes that every canadian deserves a real and fair chance at success, said Michael Brewster. Soon we will publish a strategy which will set clear and understandable goals”.

In the last days of Duclos and the other liberals asked in a social network to talk about the changes in the formation of allowances for children, which will now be indexed to account for inflation.

The conservative critic for social development Karen Vecchio said if the liberals will seek to implement a strategy to reduce poverty across the entire government, then they should consider all aspects of Federal policy, including current expenditure.

“They need to look at every dollar from those which the Prime Minister spends on luxury trips. Or for every dollar of that thirty thousand that was spent on the renaming of the center,” she said, referring to the costs of the research that led the government to rename the “Laboratory of the future” skills “future skills Centre”.

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