What is VKontakte, the social network Russian which would move the yellow Vests?

Qu'est-ce que VKontakte, le réseau social russe où migreraient les Gilets jaunes?

The yellow Vests are they in the process of migrating from Facebook to VKontakte, the social network Russian? According to media close to the government of Vladimir Putin, this is the case. In France, the social network was already plébicisté by the extreme right.

According to the media subservient to the Kremlin, Sputnik France, the yellow Vests were to leave Facebook, where they believe themselves to be victims of censorship, to join VKontakte (VK), a social network popular Russian in the circles of the ultra-right racist and anti-semitic in France.

This social network was created in 2006 by Pavel Durov, also a co-founder of the instant messaging application Telegram, of which he was managing director until April 2014. The young man had reported at the time on his personal account that the FSB, the intelligence services of the Russian, had asked him on December 13, 2013 the personal data of the organizers of EuroMaïdan, the group behind the protest, pro-european in Kiev that led to the fall of the Ukrainian president pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych. “Our response has been and remains a categorical refusal, “he stated.

The success (of VKontakte, editor’s NOTE) , he was brilliant but in 2011, the FSB ordered him to deliver data on political opponents who use its services. In the Face of his refusal, he was invited to sell its participation of 12% to a close of the power, then to leave the management of VKontakte, “says Le Figaro. VKontakte goes under the control of men close to Vladimir Putin, the oligarchs, Igor Setchine and Alisher Ousmanov. According to Moscow Times, the network had 95 million monthly users in early 2017, with a record growth of over 40% of its profits in 2015 and 2016.

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Little known outside of Russia and neighbouring countries of the slavic languages, the social network has, however, a number of French pages. And for good reason, he is particularly acclaimed by leading racists and anti-semites in the image of Alain Soral, Dieudonné, or Boris Le Lay (who is suspected of being behind the site filthy démocratiepartipative). If these figures of the ultra-right have “migrated” to “Facebook russia”, it is that they say that they are a victim of censorship on Facebook.

I went on VK because I was kicked out of Facebook and Facebook it’s the Empire! Then I bounce elsewhere“, had been one of Alain Soral in January 2018 to 20 Minutes. “The information the russians have an eye on VK, where freedom of expression is in relative reality. It is the thing of the Russian State, which wants control of the Internet on the chinese model“, said Tristan Mendès France, teacher at Celsa and a specialist in new digital uses.

Accusations of “censorship” on Facebook that were worn by the ultradroite found a certain echo among defectors yellow Vests of Facebook to believe one of the facilitators of the groups disputes on VK interviewed by Sputnik. The latter sees in it the hand of the French government: Emmanuel Macron met with Mark Zuckerberg last may, the two men would have entered into a deal. That is, seven months before the movement of the yellow Vests was born… on Facebook.


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