What the Ukrainians think about the intimate life

Что думают украинцы об интимной жизни

About 80% of Ukrainians consider sex a very important part of life.

This is evidenced by the results of the research conducted by the Sociological group “Rating”, reports UNN.

The study was conducted in the form of personal interviews among the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older from 23 January to 3 February. It involved 2,000 respondents of different ages, gender, from different regions and type of settlement.

“Almost 80% of respondents agreed with the statement that sex is a very important part of human life (10% – disagreed),” – said in the message.

According to the study, more likely to support this assertion people aged 36-50 years, as well as those who are in a registered/unregistered marriage (63% and 59%, respectively).

In addition, two-thirds believe that sexual relations before marriage is normal. Every fifth opposite opinion. This thesis mainly support of respondents aged 18-35 and those who are in unregistered marriage is or is not married.

According to the study, 45% of Ukrainians believe that for men sex is more important than women (34% of the opposite opinion). Supporters of such thinking is greater among women and those aged 36-50 years.

Also, 41% agreed with the thesis that the implementation of “marital duty in bed” is mandatory for a person, almost as many opposing views. More supporters of this thesis – among men.