What to drink before bed to burn belly fat?

Что пить перед сном, чтобы сжечь жир на животе?

Drink these drinks for the night, and the belly fat will go away much faster, say nutritionists.

Although it cannot be denied that weight loss can be an incredibly difficult journey to get rid of stubborn belly can be even more challenging. Incorporate these drinks into your diet every night before going to bed. They will help you to burn fat faster, accelerating the metabolism.

The first option is to mix cucumber, lemon and parsley in a blender, you can add water. Most likely ingredients already in your fridge, so you can make a easy cocktail.

Also effective against belly fat works ginger tea, cocktails with the addition of a small dose of aloe Vera juice and turmeric, peppermint drinks – however, dilute this mixture, so they were not too hot.