What you need to know about the approaching flu season in the United States

Что нужно знать о приближающемся сезоне гриппа в США

The flu season in the U.S. is just beginning and can last until may. According to the Center for control and prevention of diseases, the peak of infection should be expected in the period from December to February.

A surge of flu in Australia and at least three deaths in the U.S. in recent weeks has caused some physicians to fear that the flu season this year may be for Americans more serious than the previous one. Doctors urge people to be vaccinated against influenza before you start a full-blown epidemic. In Australia, there has been a surge of cases of the H3N2 strain, it will also be prevalent in the US, experts predict.

“Death at such an early period of the influenza season indicate that this year may be worse than usual,” warns Dr. Cameron Kayser (Cameron Kaiser) from riverside County, California.

According to the CDC, the last heavy flu season in the United States was the season 2017-2018 – ill 48.8 million, died 79,4 thousands.