What you need to know about the new York Legoland, which will open in 2020

Что нужно знать о нью-йоркском Леголенде, который откроют в 2020 году

What you need to know about the new York Legoland, which will open in 2020

Author: Anna Kazakova

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After 2 years in a couple of hours drive from new York city will open a major U.S. theme Park — Legoland. According to preliminary information, he will occupy a territory of 60 hectares. the project Budget is more than $350 million, so new Yorkers have a right to expect something big!

Что нужно знать о нью-йоркском Леголенде, который откроют в 2020 году

About the Park

105 km North of new York city, in the small town of Goshen in the Hudson valley, work began on creating the largest theme Park in the United States, the main theme of which will be loved by all LEGO. In Legoland Park, New York Resort is planned to open more than 50 slides, rides and various shows, surrounded by themed decorations-sculptures made from 30 million LEGO pieces.

In this part of the USA haven’t had a similar scale and budget projects. So, the Park is Six Flags America (Wild World) in Maryland opened in 1982, Darien Lake in new York in 1981, Sesame Place in Pennsylvania in 1980. This will be the third in America entertainment Park on the theme of LEGO. (Two are already working Legoland in California and Florida.)

On August 16 last Thursday, members of the press invited to the presentation area in the Hudson Valley, which plan to build the Park. Today there are only hills, lorries and builders, but by the spring of 2020 on this very spot will Shine a new Legoland. According to Phil Royle, development Director at Legoland New York, residents of new York state will be able to come to Legoland New York for one day, for example, on weekends, at any time and without the need to fly on a plane. Young children no longer have to endure the inconvenience of flights, which means that the trip to Legoland will be more accessible and much more pleasant.

Что нужно знать о нью-йоркском Леголенде, который откроют в 2020 году

Julia Estrada, head of public relations in North America company Merlin Entertainment, has rights to amusement parks Legoland, commented on the announcement of the construction: “Since we are building already the third similar Park in the U.S., this time have fairly rich experience of working Legoland in California and Florida. We took into account all the peculiarities of their work and design when creating a new Park in the new York area, so we can ensure that Legoland New York will be the best Park in the North-East.”

Visitors to the new Legoland will open doors for eight fantastic worlds, among which the well — known and loved “Factory”, “knights Kingdom”, “Bricktopia” and “World of Nindaga”. Each world is unique, and each of them programmed interesting entertainment. Target audience — adults and children aged 2 to 12 years, so slides and rides not too steep and completely safe. There are many other parks where you can go for the thrill. The main goal of the Theme is to entertain and motivate, to make sure that the child was fun, not scary.

To maintain a good atmosphere in the Park plan to put more than 15,000 ornamental sculptures made from parts of LEGO. The creators of the Park plan to present to the audience in a “Mini-land” the whole model of large US cities. For example, the model of new York plan to implement interactive elements, one of which will be the metro new York city in LEGO version.

What is the main attraction of the Park? Imagine a huge number of sculptures and buildings on an area of over 60 hectares, are woven into entire cities and worlds. Presented? All of this, the Park’s organizers are planning to build from ordinary parts designer LEGO. Park visitors will have the opportunity to see what they can do themselves at home, having just enough imagination and, of course, having all the necessary components in stock. Of course, this only applies to the decorative elements of the Park. All the rides and slides are created using the latest technologies, in strict compliance with the safety requirements.

However, Legoland in new York will not be a simple copy of existing parks. It is here that first opens the hotel for 250 rooms, which also scheduled a play area with a small cafe on site. Parents can watch their children play at the same time sipping cocktails or soft drinks.

The Park will work during spring — fall, closing for the winter months. Its creation will provide employment for 1300 people, with 500 of the positions assumed permanent contract.

The issue of transport is also taking on the creators of Legoland. Them all five boroughs of new York city in Legoland can be reached by a special bus ShortLine Coach USA, which will go from station Port Authority Bus Terminal directly to the Park. It is assumed that 70% of Park visitors are residents of new York and its suburbs, but also will come and the inhabitants of the North-Eastern region.

Что нужно знать о нью-йоркском Леголенде, который откроют в 2020 году

Things to do in Legoland in new York

As already mentioned, the entire Park will be divided into 8 separate worlds, each with its own theme and its own program of entertainment. The creators of the Park have already announced, what worlds you can visit in Legoland:

No. 1: “Factory” (The Factory)

A walk through this part of the Park will help visitors to penetrate the mystery of the creation of parts for LEGO, and through the “eyes” themselves are tiny details.

# 2: “Bricktopia” (Bricktopia)

The world of creativity. It is here that children can unleash your inner “mad scientist”, because Bricktopia they will be asked to create a figure out of Legos with the help of experienced assistants. The work of young geniuses will be accompanied by appropriate music, to give them even more inspiration.

No. 3: “The World Of Nindaga” (Ninjago World)

The world is named after a famous ninja series LEGO. During a special interactive route children will be given the opportunity to feel the real ninja, fighting battles with the bad guys.

No. 4: “Hartley city” (Heartlake City)

Here is you can ride in a balloon, and then refresh and rejuvenate for the game in the cafe, Granny’s Apple Fries, located in a house of LEGO.

No. 5: “the Kingdom of the knights” (Knight’s Kingdom)

Here kids are waiting for treacherous dragon Coaster! Or so it might seem at first glance. But in fact — it’s only a hill on which to ride is not scary, but fun!

No. 6: “LEGO city” (Lego City)

If your children want to become firefighters or get your first license to drive a LEGO car — welcome to “LEGO city”.

No. 7: “the river pirate” (Pirate Shores)

In the world of “Coast of pirates” little visitors are offered to plunge into the world of adventure and water battles, and to fight with hungry monsters and real pirates!

No. 8: “Mini-land” (Miniland)

The present researchers will be very interesting to wander among models of major U.S. cities made out of LEGO. Visitors can take a tour, talking about the main achievements and attractions of each of their cities.

Representatives of the company Merlin Entertainment announced that the Legoland in new York will be the third, but certainly not the last in the United States. Despite the fact that to find the right place to resolve all the bureaucratic issues is quite difficult, the company plans to continue to expand, and her eyes focused on the cities of the United States, like Chicago and Texas.

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