What you need to know (and eat) at the festival of ice cream in new York

Что нужно знать (и съесть) на фестивале мороженого в Нью-Йорке

What you need to know (and eat) at the festival of ice cream in new York

Author: Anna Kazakova

ice cream new York ice cream festival

Everyone loves ice cream. And if it seems that it’s not about you – so you have not found the same variety, which will cause finally to go over to the camp of “ice-cream”.

In the summer of love to this cold dessert is growing with cosmic speed. Of course! Just try on a hot day, walking on hot from the heat of the streets of new York, to try a couple sweet ice balls the taste of.

And how many of the stereotypes associated with ice cream? The most common of these is likely to be the image of a girl “upset” in an embrace with a whole bucket of ice cream. Thanks to Hollywood, even those of us who are in the head and had not come to eat depression a cone of vanilla, now I know: when you’re sad – urgent run to the refrigerator! And ice cream is associated with the happy days of childhood, when my parents bought it at the weekend for good behavior.

But whatever it was, now the summer of 2018, and we’re in new York, so the time and place to forget about all the stereotypes and try something completely new and original.

This weekend, on Sunday the 15th of July, in honor of National ice cream Day in the Upper West side, at 77th street, will host the festival of Ice Cream Blizzard, where you can taste the most original types of traditionally beloved dessert.

Stax Ice Cream offers residents of the Big Apple to try their signature ice cream – Cremella. The dessert looks like a hot sandwich from a donut and ice cream.

Bona Bona Ice Cream will please fans of marshmallow – they decorate all the favorite ice cream cone in a waffle cone a generous layer of slightly warmed marshmallow.

Kids (and maybe adults) princesses will delight the company’s products Taiyaki display includes NYC’s. Waffle ice-cream made in the shape of a fish and the contents of the Cup very reminiscent of the Unicorn!

Like to connect the unconnected? Try the fried ice cream company Sam’s Fried Ice Cream!

Gelato is the Italian name for ice cream. It is prepared from the same ingredients as a regular dessert, but the Gelato added a much higher percentage of milk, much less cream and eggs. Sometimes the eggs may not add. Gelato is served at a higher temperature than traditional ice cream, so its texture remains silky and soft. It has a lower percentage of body fat and is especially popular among adherents of a healthy diet.

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The company Dolce Brooklyn will offer the best views of his Gelato.

Firm Minus Celsius Ice Cream will please fans of Asia brand Thai ice cream in rolls with a variety of additives: Belgian waffles, Oreo, chocolate straws – everything you can imagine!

Never forget vegano! Especially for them the company Eat Mud will offer at the festival of ice cream without gluten and milk of animal origin.

Delicious sandwiches of crumbly fresh cookies and a large layer of ice cream of different tastes will be offered at the festival company Melt Bakery.

Now about charity. But flavored ice cream. The company My Mo Mochi will sell at the festival of ice cream in a dessert Mochi at a promotional price of only $1 apiece. All proceeds from the sale will go to charity, and specifically to support public schools.

Another view of the original ice cream sandwich will bring to the festival Too Cool Chix.

Don’t want ice cream? View the meteor shower.

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