When meeting with Queen Elizabeth semosavlebisa the boy knelt down and crawled (live)

При встрече с королевой Елизаветой засмущавшийся мальчик опустился на колени и уполз (видео)

The visit of the British Queen Elizabeth as the oldest in the UK children’s charity Coram was marked by curiosity. Nine year old boy named Nathan Grant was so embarrassed at the sight of Her Majesty, knelt, turned to the Queen backwards and crawled away from the room, modestly hiding behind the legs of adults. Before finally crawl out the door, Nathan, apparently, remembered courtesy and shouted: “Bye!”.
92-year-old Queen and all who attended this incident is pretty fun.

To visit the Queen chose a sky-blue coat by Stewart Parvin and the same color as the hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan. The outfit was adorned with a diamond brooch in the form of a Lily.

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