When Sophie Davant, the wandering hand in the face of a candidate, creates unease in his show

Quand Sophie Davant, la main baladeuse face à un candidat, crée le malaise dans son émission

The host of France 2 has no language in his pocket. Hands no more !

Quand Sophie Davant, la main baladeuse face à un candidat, crée le malaise dans son émissionSophie Davant defends tooth and nail Brigitte MacronSophie Davant explains how she lived the end of “a story”Sophie Davant, troubled by the return of her ex, Erik OrsennaSophie Clearly evokes with emotion the loss of his mèreSophie Pre-judge the cohabitation with her two children “unbearable”

It is time to choose her life!, it is as well as Sophie Davant chose to entitle his latest book, published by Albin Michel. It is also the rule that she has set. With its close like on the tv shows. It is far the time of its difficult separation from the journalist Pierre Sled, which shared the life during twenty-five years. Forgotten also, his short romance with Erik Orsenna, of which it had fallen under the charm. Fifty-five years, it is time for Sophie to say what she thinks when she thinks, to laugh, to share his enthusiasm, his blows blues and its blows of heart. She did not private on the set of his show, it’s a bargain, aired on France 2.

On this day, Sophie Davant has been in front of her with a man very well of his person and an antique dealer by profession, who, obviously, do dislike her not. To be called Francis, the latter is there to sell a vase for the benefit of the Telethon. Which, you will agree, adds to its charms. In him, apparently, all the delights. Up to her dress. And Sophie Davant to seek the consent of his team: “It has a beautiful green sweater huh?“. “It is the green of love, hope“, approves not without humor one of the buyers. And when Francis joined, the host can not help him pass the hand in the back, as if to smooth out her outfit yet impeccable. Before you start with playfulness: “Not super well-ironed !”. We told you, it is time to choose her life.

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