When you can not do laser vision correction

Когда нельзя делать лазерную коррекцию зрения

If the name “myopia”, “hyperopia”, “astigmatism” for a human – familiar concepts, it may mean that either he or someone from his entourage have such a diagnosis.

In this case, 100% comfort in life difficult. Swimming, diving, sailing, – there are many Hobbies in which traditional points will only “spoil the picture”, informs the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to Opticlub.

In addition, they do not add to security in active sports. Lenses this problem also decide not always. Someone not suitable hydrogel, someone cause discomfort silicone hydrogel and so on. Disturbed nutrition of the eye, the body is forced to experience serious mechanical effect, and the cornea, respectively.

There are examples of situations where the fact of wearing glasses limits a man in the choice of profession and/or career development. Many patients laser correction allows you to see the world in bright and clear colors, and be confident.

As in similar situations do the stars and idols? Some of them choose laser correction. Who is it? In particular, Cindy Crawford and Brad pitt. But there are a number of anatomical peculiarities in the structure of the eye, when the laser correction is denied: it may be thin corneas, some comorbidities. The exact answer in each case you will be given an experienced ophthalmologist.

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