Where in new York to get vaccinated against influenza

Где можно в Нью-Йорке сделать прививку против гриппа

Where in new York to get vaccinated against influenza

Author: Natalia Nikolaeva

Photo: pixabay.com

Vaccine flu new York

A very important question today: where can you get the flu vaccine in new York?

At work

Most of the institutions providing medical services and many employers offer flu vaccinations.

The pharmacy

Pharmacies are also involved in vaccination. In connection with a January 2018 pharmacists are allowed to vaccinate against influenza children aged 2 to 18 years. That is, any pharmacy in new York can provide you the opportunity. This step should help a large number of people to access the vaccine, because busy parents don’t need to leave the place of work to take your child to the doctor.

Please notethat children attending preschool institutions in new York, will have until December 31 to get at least one dose of influenza vaccine.

Clinic immunization

The Department of health immunization clinic, which is located in the Fort Greene Health Center. Also go through the immunization you can and in other institutions (for vaccination against influenza required insurance).

Call 311 for more information

If you can’t find a place where you can get vaccinated, call 311 or check the information on: nyc.gov/flu. Also, after studying the map NYCHealthMap, easy to find from more than 600 sites listed vaccination throughout the city.

Send a message or flu to the number 877877

The people of new York will also receive information by sending flu to the number 877877 (or gripe, because this service is available in English and Spanish). Finally, you can enter your zip code in the search CDC to obtain a list of suitable places available necessary vaccine.

We have detailed material about what you need to know about flu season 2018-2019.

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