Where to view autumn leaves in new York

Где можно полюбоваться осенней листвой в Нью-Йорке

Where to view autumn leaves in new York

Author: Natalia Nikolaeva

Photo: pixabay.com

foliage new York autumn Park

Autumn leaves begin to turn new York into a fairy tale, and parks across the city are preparing to meet its visitors. Tell, where you can admire the best oktiabrskij landscapes.

The new York Botanical garden

In a Park of 250 acres (101 hectares), located in the Bronx, the web camera, with which you will be able to see all the colors of autumn from the comfort of home. For two weekends in November, will be organized tour guide on the 50 acres (20 hectares) “Thain family forest” and 90-minute trip on the Golf carts under the name of Gram the Garden Tour.

Brooklyn Botanic garden

Employees of a garden have provided the guide so you could find the most interesting this season. In the list of special places included: Katsura Tree — Barannik, one of the oldest trees in this garden, the red oak at Cherry Esplanade and tea roses in the Cranford Rose Garden.

Queens Botanical garden

The artist Chemin Hsiao invites visitors to be inspired by the changing colors of the leaves on the master class Watercolor Workshop: Autumn Colo, which will be held October 20. The variety of autumn colors create a unique atmosphere for learning the basic techniques of watercolor painting in nature.

“Wave Hill”

3 and 7 November employee “Wave hill,” Charles dey will hold a fall walk, almost a journey through the Park and talk about their favorite trees and bushes in the garden area of 28 acres (11.3 ha).

Central Park

Leaf fall is probably the most photogenic time of year, which can be seen in this Park. About 20 thousand trees dress up in a unique combination of shades of yellow, red and orange. Employees working in the Park, it is recommended to visit the most interesting places, including “Pool”, “North forest” and “Rumble”. This will help you a specially created map. And in November there will be a special 90-minute excursions.

Prospect Park

In November, there will be a special hour and a half tour, where visitors will talk about the diversity of trees growing in the Park, as well as why the leaves change color. In the Park created a setting for relaxing walks, during which you will be able to enjoy beautiful views, also has a guide that helps you to see all the shades of the foliage. For those who want an affordable family program.

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