While California burns, in a part of America came bitter cold

Пока Калифорния горит, в часть Америки пришла лютая стужа

While Californians struggle with forest fires, burning their staff, 14 million people in the U.S. were under threat of an early arrival of winter.

Despite the fact that October has just ended in some parts of the U.S. already are savage frosts and snowfalls. In particular, Denver has had about 30 inches of snow per day. According to the statement from the National weather service, the next day may fall as much again.

This month was for the city the 14th snowiest October in the history of observations. Also in Denver and other parts of Colorado, temperatures fell significantly below zero, the cold will last another few days.

Snow storm moves into the Central plains and the Great lakes region. Residents of the Midwest are also advised to prepare with the arrival of real winter weather.