Whiskey in capsules is a bad idea

Виски в капсулах - плохая идея

A new product on the market whiskey in capsules becoming an increasingly popular way of drinking the beverage. However, whether “drink” whisky in this way?

In fact, whiskey in capsules similar in appearance to liquid Laundry detergent packaged “bulbs” for ease of dosage. Similar whiskeys in the “balls” are manufactured by Glenlivet. Because of the similarity with the powder and the danger of overdosing, many experts recommend avoiding this product, which is gaining more popularity in the network.

195-year-old single malt Scotch whisky brand has released three limited series of cocktails in bags. Capsules PI food wrap burst in your mouth and give “instant burst of taste.” In the Wake of criticism journalists and even doctors ask the Prime Minister of Scotland to step in and ban these products.

“Oh, God, not this,” wrote Scottish actor Sam Chuen (Sam Heughan), star of TV series “Outlander,” which he produces a line of whiskey.