White house staff talked about the weirdest habit trump

Сотрудники Белого дома рассказали о самой странной привычке Трампа

The American President often vomits after working with them.

The President of the United States Donald trump often breaks important documents, despite the fact that they must go to the archive, the Chronicle reports.info with reference to the channel 112.

The newspaper told the story of staff at the White house Larti Solomon, who together with his colleagues was engaged in the bonding documents, the broken trump.

The American President has a “long and strange” habit of tearing up important documents, which he finished. Nevertheless, the legislation requires storing the archive of all notes, letters and papers, which concerned the head of state.

Assistants trump came to the conclusion that they will not be able to wean the President of this habit. Instead, they decided to collect the torn documents — sometimes the pieces of paper like confetti and put it back together like a puzzle. Thus, they protect the President from breaking the law.

The publication notes that in the first months of the tramp for these purposes has been allocated a Department in administration.

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