Who are the 2 firefighters who died in the explosion of Treviso ?

Qui sont les 2 pompiers qui sont morts dans l'explosion de Trévise ?

Saturday morning, around 9: 00, 3 firefighters were responding to a gas leak in a building in the rue de Trévise in Paris when, 10 minutes later, a violent explosion occurred.

If the 1st class Maxim Acard, buried under the rubble, was able to be rescued and hospitalized in serious condition, the corporal Simon Cartannaz and the 1st class Nathanael Josselin succumbed to their injuries. A tourist in spain is also deceased.

Simon Cartannaz (left), 28 years old, had built the fire brigade of Paris there are more than 5 years. The corporal was a native of Entremont-le-Vieux, a small savoyard village of a few hundred souls where he had been part of the volunteer firefighters.

“It was a child of the country who had the fierce desire to serve other people,” responded the mayor of the commune Jean-Paul Claret.

Nathanael Josselin (right), 27 years old, was also based at the barracks of the Castle of Water in the Xe arrondissement. A fireman of Paris, france, since 2014, he was a native of the Yonne, and was a volunteer firefighter Brienon-sur-Armançon since July 2007.

He was a dad to a little boy of 4 years

“He was a nice man, smiling. He trained every night that it rains or it is cold, to skip the contest in Paris “, recalls Florent, a former comrade of barracks in the Yonne.