Who are the “free bleeders”, these women who do not use sanitary protection ?

Qui sont les “free bleeders”, ces femmes qui n’utilisent pas de protection hygiénique ?

Use any sanitary protection, or technique to retain its rules, it is the practice of free bleeding. “To serve the cause of feminist”, to reduce its ecological impact, a woman explains why she let her blood.

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She was looking for freedom. “Etouffée” for the products, the intimate, aggressive, shocked of waste related to its rules, and tired of “worrying about a week on four of the futile things, and sometimes disabling”, Mary* decided not to use protection hygiene when she has her menstruation.

The concept has a name : the free bleeding (bleeding-free in French). Appeared in the United States in the 1970s, the movement aims to break the taboos around menstruation and to reduce the ecological impact of the protections hygienic. It is often confused with the flow instinctive free where the blood is, instead, retained by the contraction of the perineum and then discharged at the desired times in the toilet.

“Nothing at all, it is the freedom of the other days of the month”

For the moment, I’ve only done that two or three times, and only for a few hours,” says the young woman. She chose to test the free bleeding to “serve the cause of feminist“, but also by a desire to comfort. “Compared to the towels, it is incomparable ! The buffer is horrible too, it hurts, it dries out and it is packed full of chemicals. The cup, it is practical but it takes a little technique and often I am too lazy. Nothing at all is to have the freedom of the other days of the month.

How to do on a daily basis ? Mary can work from home. Let flow his blood on her clothes does not pose any problems. “I’m wearing a leggings black,” she says.

But when the woman comes out, she must adapt. “I’ve done it by going for my runs.I took the bus. This time or another, I’m sitting in, there was no task. I think as long as you do not sit for very long it can not sink too much.

In France, the concept of ” Free bleeding just to be known in contrast to Great Britain and the United States. The movement is the subject of several articles in the press and lies at the heart of Youtube videos. On Facebook, a few pages in English are devoted to the free bleeders (the name given to women who have adopted this practice).

Problems hygienic

Dr. Ghada Hatem, a gynecologist or an obstetrician has already heard of this movement, which seems to be “a little absurd”. According to it, the free bleeding is not a problem hygienic for those who practice it but for the other. “There is a possibility of to be reached of infections such as Aids, which we are not even aware of. Then leave traces behind in public places is a problem, “said the doctor. Look at the hospital, if the hygiene standards are so stringent, it is that there is a reason.

*Name has been changed

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