Who is at risk lung cancer: a doctor’s prescription

Кто входит в группу риска рака легких: ответ медиков

Doctors told to whom you should be very careful.

Oncological diseases are widespread worldwide and lung cancer is one of the most frequent diagnoses.

As with other types of cancer, a malignant tumor in the lungs may develop asymptomatic.

Forecasts oncologists are often disappointing, because the dangerous disease is diagnosed in the later stages, when the cancer enters in the form of metastasis and has spread to other organs.

According to statistics, lung cancer exceeds the mortality when compared with cancer of the breast or other organs.

Who is at risk?

Scientists have proved that smokers are people, who are the first to automatically fall in the risk of lung cancer. The world health organization say that 90% of people with this diagnosis are hard-core smokers, and the remaining 10% can put themselves at risk if:

– live in ecologically polluted areas;

– work in the factories where chemicals are made;

– have a hereditary factor, that is, in a sort already there were precedents with the same disease;

are men and women after age 50, especially smokers;

– suffer from chronic diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

Symptoms of lung cancer

This kind of cancer is dangerous, that is not immediately. The only thing that can alert the person, so it’s common signs of cancer, which tend to appear at the beginning, excessive fatigue, fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss, apathy.

In the later stages of lung cancer there is a strong cough with phlegm waste, which can detect blood or pus.

When explicit or hidden lung cancer symptoms should as soon as possible to get on reception to the therapist. And even better – once a year to do x-rays and pass a General analysis of blood to keep for themselves the opportunity to learn about the terrible disease before it goes to the next stage of development.

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