Who is Christophe Dettinger, the boxer of the event of those Yellow Vests ?

Qui est Christophe Dettinger, le boxeur de la manifestation des Gilets Jaunes ?

The man who has boxed several policemen yesterday during demonstrations jackets yellow yesterday in Paris has been identified.

This is Christophe Dettinger. This man, 37-year-old, has been champion of France of boxing heavy weight-light on 30 October 2007 and 8 march 2008.

Saturday, around 15: 00, dressed in black, he did it to but bare a gendarme mobile on the bridge Leopold-Sédar-Senghor, which links the port of Solferino in the port des Tuileries in Paris.

And then, on other images, we see him hitting a policeman to the ground with blows of feet on the bridge Léopold Sédar Senghor.

It has been identified by the services of the operational Management of technical services and logistics.

“Sir, you have struck a colleague to the ground, you are identified. For a boxer, you do apparently not a lot of rules. We will teach you those in the criminal code.” said the SCPN (Union of Commissioners of the National Police)