Who is helpful to dig in the sand: the answer is know doctors

Кому полезно зарываться в песок: ответ знают медики

It turns out that sand baths can benefit your health.

The most common beach fun “burying in the sand” doctors called very good for the body and for the nervous system.

Doctors advise to dig in the sand for children and adults, but only if it’s clean.

The fact is that at high temperature the sand is able to efficiently heat all of the human body and intensify the body’s metabolism, which itself implies its purification from toxic substances.

Besides, during burying in the sand the body improves blood circulation and it is useful not only for the heart, blood vessels and brain, but also in the whole entire body.

Sand baths and safety

First, no one advises to dig along with his head, which would carry a danger to life.

Second, the risk of overheating in the sand is reduced to zero, because it absorbs the sweat and the greenhouse effect, like in a sauna, for example, is formed.

Thirdly, as a rule, the sand at shallow depth slightly moist and the temperature does not exceed 38°C, so a sand bath is a comfortable environment for the human body.

The advantages of burying in the sand include:

– peeling effect, which is very good for the skin;

– acupressure improves subcutaneous blood flow;

– analgesic properties of the sand long been proven by scientists, so if a person “use” the joints, then sand bath is something that can help him.

It is worth mentioning that such well-being treatment like burying in the sand is absolutely free, and it means that everyone can improve their health, and if you want to repeat this every day.

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