Why he should not make his bed in the morning

Pourquoi il ne faut pas faire son lit le matin

Pourquoi il ne faut pas faire son lit le matinHousehold spring : tips and natural recipes for a home propreMénage natural : how to prepare a garden to the beautiful joursDes dust mite allergen in the milk maternelNos recipes to manufacture its products ménagersBien organize for his or her household spring

And if the mess was the key to better health?

There are two types of people. Those who take the time to make their bed meticulously each morning before going to work. And there are those who do not understand why to make it so that it will serve a few hours later. If you are one of those, don’t worry. Do not make her bed in the morning would be the best for health, it is proven.

A million dust mites in our bed sheets

Apartment, home, city, countryside… The mites are absolutely everywhere. And more particularly in our sheets, since there are about a million on each bed. These little creatures are microscopic thrive in hot and humid conditions, as well as a good cozy bed. For some people, their presence can trigger coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes or even asthma. Symptoms particularly disturbing during sleep.

The perfect solution : make her bed in the evening

A study shows today that does not make his bed in the morning would decrease these symptoms. Researchers from Kingston University, in England, analyzed the living conditions of mites with a computer model suitable. Thus, they found that the mites were particularly numerous when they are in our company. Actually, the sweating and the temperature of the body makes the bed warmer and more humid. To remedy this, there’s nothing like a good bowl of fresh air. Ventilate his room all day would be enough to significantly reduce the number of small animals. “A gesture as simple would allow the mites to dehydrate and die, “says Stephen Pretlove, the director of the study.

The study, which was published in Experimental & Applied Acarology, has been based on the conditions of life in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it does not therefore relate to the most humid regions, like the tropics. The researchers now want to investigate more about the insect pathogens in their next study. Thus, they hope to reduce the expenditures for medical treatments allergens by creating houses more healthy. You now have a good excuse not to make your bed in the morning.

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