Why you should never keep their contact lenses in the shower

Pourquoi il ne faut jamais garder ses lentilles de contact sous la douche

A woman had to do to remove the eye. The reason for this ? She had not removed her contact lenses before taking a shower. Explanations.

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The dangers of extended wear lenses

Shower without removing the prior lenses of contactpeut be very dangerous. Petra van Kalmthout, a Belgian, has suffered the consequences. We had to remove the right eye, she says the Agency European Press.

During a stay on vacation, the woman feels, a little after his shower, itching and burning in the eye that intensify despite the implementation of drops and the application of a cream. Quickly, her vision is affected.

Doctors discovered the presence of the bacteria acanthamoeba on the cornea of his right eye where cysts had formed. These parasites “are present in all freshwaters not perfectly sterile, in particular tap water, mineral water, swimming pool water, etc“, explains the national Union of ophthalmologists of France.

It was too late to save the eye of the patient who has been removed. After wearing a blindfold for three years, Petra van Kalmthout has been able to benefit from a prosthesis, making it part of the view.

How to avoid the problems with its lenses ?

If Petra van Kalmthout is a very rare case, the wearing of contact lenses is accompanied by all the same rules of strict hygiene : wash hands before handling, remove it before showering and bathing (bath, swimming pool…), never sleep with and don’t forget to respect the periodicity (daily, monthly, etc.).

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