Will collapse like the Soviet Union: the former Deputy Prime Minister gave a sad for Russia, the forecast of the future

Развалится, как СССР: бывший вице-премьер дал печальный для России прогноз о будущем

The Kremlin is distracted from foreign policy and focus on domestic issues, otherwise Russia could fall apart, as once the Soviet Union collapsed. This was stated by former Deputy Prime Minister, the head of the chamber Alexei Kudrin at the opening of the Russian public forum.

“The Soviet Union of conspiracy collapsed, and due to imperfect models of the development of its economy and political system. It was an internal problem. They were the source of these lesions. So today, if we do not pay attention to again internal reasons — factors in our success, if we do not see it in time and not pay attention to this, we will once again suffer defeat”, — he declared, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, Russia’s successes in foreign policy are merely an illusion, which some time can be maintained, despite the absence of economic prosperity and greatness of the country. Kudrin is sure that the present Russian government do not understand the scale of challenges and those challenges will face the country in the next 10 years.

The pessimistic mood of the Russian politician and economist share at the world Bank. So, according to them, the rate of growth of the Russian economy in the next two years will be low. This year the world Bank expects the GDP growth of the country-aggressor 1.6%, following 1.5% and in 2020 by 1.8%.

As he wrote, “the FACTS,” Kudrin in Russia is considered a very authoritative expert in the field of Economics and Finance. In 2016 he was appointed Deputy Chairman of the economic Council under the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. And was later appointed head of the accounting chamber.

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