William Leymergie, a “tyrant” ? A new anecdote about the presenter unveiled

William Leymergie, un "tyran" ? Une nouvelle anecdote sur l'animateur dévoilée

William Leymergie has ruled for more than 30 years on the show TéléMatin broadcast on France 2. But despite its success of hearing during this period, his reputation as a tyrant has tarnished its image.

William Leymergie, un "tyran" ? Une nouvelle anecdote sur l'animateur dévoilée
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On 3 October, Philippe Manoeuvre has released his autobiography entitled the Rock. In it the journalist specialist of the rock-and-roll explains why it has only a passing flash in the broadcast Tv Morning. One morning, he decided to dedicate his column to the group Depeche Mode. The antenna William Leymergie says “Ah, finally, a French group”. But Philippe Manoeuvre is obliged to take it back, explaining to him that the group is a native of Great Britain. This will be the end of the collaboration between the two men.

This week, Michel Cymes explained to the newspaper Le Parisien have also kept a very bad memory of his collaboration with William Leymergie at the time of its television debut : “I hadn’t slept of the night, I got hyper stressed out and the host didn’t helped much. Not even at all. It was very formative, but as you say we are not stayed in touch.”

In 2007, William Leymergie had a physical altercation with Jean-Philippe Viaud, columnist, theatre for TéléMatin. The facilitator is then laid off two weeks by the channel. Already in 2003, a member of the team explained to the newspaper Liberation : “he chooses and dismisses his critics. Tells them how to stand, to brush the hair, get dressed. It is a tyrant paternalistic”

William Leymergie has ceased to show TéléMatin on June 30, 2017. It has been replaced by Laurent Bignolas.

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