Winds with the force of the storm and 5-foot waves raging on lake Michigan

Ветры с силой бури и 5-метровые волны бушуют на озере Мичиган

The second major storm in a week with strong wind gusts to the strength of the storm and the waves, reaching a height of 5 meters, are raging on lake Michigan.

The previous storm last week caused a devastating flood on the shore and washed away the dunes along the Eastern edge of the Great lakes. A new storm is more powerful than the previous – with powerful waves of strong wind crashed Wednesday in the St. Joseph lighthouse and pier in Saint Joseph, Michigan. This will lead to another round of floods on the coast and eroding beaches Tuesday through Thursday, according to local meteorologists.

A powerful low pressure system that created a storm on the lake, heading North-East through the Midwest. Because of the intensity of the wind, nearly 18 million people received a storm warning. About 2 million people are also at risk of flash flood.