With a second mouth in your ear: in the United States was born, the unusual dog (video)

Со вторым ртом в ухе: в США родилась необычная собака (видео)

In the U.S. state of Oklahoma found the dog, born with an extra mouth, which is in her… ear. It has teeth, and it secrete saliva. Reported by the Daily Star.

Heather Hernandez, owner picked up on the street a dog named toad and part-time owner of the animal shelter, says that, apart from this strangeness, her pet — a perfectly normal, loving animal that loves to sit on master’s lap. Although at first, the dog was a bit aggressive.

“At first, when it in the beginning was examined by the vet, he decided that the toad has an extra ear… But it turned out that actually she only has one ear and two mouths!”, says Heather. However, to eat the second mouth, the toad can not.

According to Heather, the dog is also not very good sees and hears, “because in her head all mixed up”.