Without a roof and doors: presents ultra-light car for track

Без крыши и дверей: представлен сверхлегкий автомобиль для трека

It has no roof, windshield and doors.British firm Revolution Racecars have developed an ultra-light car for the track. It has no roof, windscreen and doors, but there is a 350-horsepower engine Ford V6 3.7-litre, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Autoblog.

The company was founded by Phil Abbott who stood at the origins of the company Radical Sportscars, which produces relatively inexpensive sportpitanie for Amateur Motorsport.

The basis engine is a durable carbon-fiber monocoque. His production deals with one of the specialized companies from Germany. Vehicle weight is only 750 kg.

Behind the cockpit mounted engine Ford V6 with dry-sump. The engine capacity of 3.7 liters and develops 350 horsepower. Thus, the specific capacity of 468 horsepower per ton is slightly higher than that of the Ford GT supercar, and slightly lower than the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Due to the low, according to racing standards, the force of its engine life exceeds 10 thousand kilometers to the planned bulkhead (or 100 hours in “combat” mode).

A six-speed sequential gearbox made by the French firm 3MO, known for its transmissions for rally and rallycross. Advanced aerodynamic feathering should create a significant downforce – according to Abbott, “more than any other car for this price”. Interestingly, the shape of a race car – the product not only for aerodynamic research. The look of a sports car engaged in Briton Simon Cox – a former chief designer of Isuzu, General Motors and Infiniti.

Image of the cockpit has not yet been published, but we know that most of the management bodies will be submitted to the steering wheel like Formula 1 cars. In addition, the designers promise that the size of the cockpit will allow them to accommodate two adult men this can be useful for training with an instructor.

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