Woman sold into sexual slavery by their compatriots

Женщина продавала в сексуальное рабство своих соотечественниц

At the airport in Zaporozhye employees of the security Service of Ukraine detained a woman of the people who tried to smuggle two girls in one of the countries of the Middle East.

About it reported in a press-the SBU center.

As it turned out, the resident of Mariupol has been smuggled young Ukrainians abroad, promising them jobs in food service establishments, as well as significant earnings.

Женщина продавала в сексуальное рабство своих соотечественниц

In fact, the girls were forced to work off the money by providing sexual services. For each girl transported the ill-minded woman received $ 300.

In addition, according to place of residence intrusa militiamen carried out the authorized search, during which seized tickets in the names of two more girls and mobile phone, which found correspondence with customers.

Upon incident the criminal proceedings. Currently held urgent investigative and operational activities.