Women look at football as an accountant on weekdays, a crazy fan — out of office

Football in a sense has long been a world religion, because it brings together people of different nationalities, beliefs, principles, social statuses and ages. Among the fans of this sport by a variety of people: scientists, Housewives, businessmen, socialites, philanderers, engineers, policy — football obedient to all.

This proves the story today of our heroine Marina is 50 years old, an accountant, a mother of two children… and a passionate fan of football! Her unusual story in our material ahead of the world Championship on football — 2018.

My love for football started back in 1982 when all my friends left for their cottages, pioneer camps and the seas, and I picked up pneumonia in the unbearable heat of the Central Asian was forced to spend his holidays in front of the “box”…

That summer I completely and irrevocably fell in love with the Italian national team on football. Nobody believed that they will be able to pacify Maradona, sent home unbeaten Brazilians and becoming the third time world Champions!

In the early 80’s we got the information from Newspapers, television and radio, and every morning, I asked dad to buy the newspaper “Soviet sport”, to not only follow the football news, but to remember the beautiful names of the Italian players, which still sound to me like the music of Vivaldi. Paolo Rossi, Dino Zoff, Claudio Gentile… So, in seventh grade I became the darling of all the boys, who were impressed by my knowledge of football. And this knowledge hat-tricks, offsides, yellow cards and groups of death more than once helped me in the conquest of men’s hearts.

Many years later, first got to the capital of Italian fashion, I dragged my friends to the stadium “San Siro” to admire the biggest Derby in world football “Milan” — “inter”. In the car surprised the cab driver always looked askance at me and strangely smiled, and I tried to explain to my friends what did they girls, with some difficulty, I bought the tickets two months ago on the Internet like to lie awake at night to catch a treasured place at the magnificent Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, not having the passport of a Schengen visa. At the traffic lights the taxi driver, opening the window, with all the inherent Italian passion began to shout to his colleague in the neighbouring taxi about crazy Russian who knows all the Italian players better than him =)

Through the dense ranks of fans we finally got to the stadium. From their places, turned out to be the center of attention. Oh, what a cruel disappointment awaited me, after all I bought the tickets in the fan sector of the enemy! Around a formidable blue-black cloud of the fans of FC inter roared, screamed, stomped their feet. And, as we thought everything pointed to our red jacket that color is close to the attributes of the team AC Milan.

The situation was saved by my football knowledge and love for Italian football, at some point of the opponents three Russian tourists have become the stars of the “San Siro”! We spoke in sign language and a mixture of Anglo-Italian, but understood each other: so I found out that the irreconcilable fans of the two football clubs share the stadium, but also celebrated the victory of their favorite team in the same restaurant. The neighbor on the right began to call friends, colleagues, uncle in Palermo and even, it seemed, the mayor of Milan and part to the spouse of the owner of the club “inter”, trying to book us a table in the restaurant, but, alas, that night was a full house.

Half an hour later we knew the turnout and passwords of the best simple restaurants and trattorias, where the true football fans. However, to continue the evening we could not. Burnt by the contemplation of works of art in the numerous galleries, shopping and of course, football, we went to the hotel. The next day we suffered the age-old question of “where to eat?” and were free to choose whether to dine in a fashionable Janino in the centre of Milan from Kakha Kaladze (he is now the mayor of Tbilisi), or through the city to go to 3 Jolie defender Gennaro Gattuso. We chose Jolie 3 and never regretted it: stylish interior, excellent cuisine and the captain Gattuso with a top-notch team of chefs have conquered our already conquered hearts.

Luka was the name of our casual acquaintance from the stadium, was here too. Without stopping, he spoke to his friends about how we met yesterday at a football match.

Brazilian soccer player Vagner Love and Marina

And then came a great player, he received from the fans nicknamed Braveheart for his bravery and desire to fight on the field until the last second. Very friendly, smiling and even blushing, he pulled out a t-shirt with his number “8” and just wrote:

Marina as a token of our friendship.

This then was the theatre La Scala and the devastated wallet shopping in the Quadrilatero Della Moda, the concert of David Garrett in the course are many, but our football experience made the trip unforgettable.

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