Wonder Woman 1984 : first photos and the unexpected return of a character for the second opus






The Amazon is the most badass of the DCEU takes up the weapons in a new chapter. To mark the occasion, its director, fired off the first two stills from the film.

Wonder Woman is the joker in Warner, the darling of the DCEU, which was successful in raising a bit the level of the studios. At the same time, when comparing its figures at the global box office (821 847 012) to the other movies, DC, Justice League (657 924 295), Man of Steel (668 045 518) and Suicide Squad (746 864 894), we understand that the warrior is the main capital monetary studios. Only Batman v Superman : Dawn of justice (873 634 919) as well asThe Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises with $ 1 billion each over the Amazon.


At the same time, how can you resist ?


The first feature-length film, in a blaze of glory, a string of compliments for his director Patty Jenkins, and which was unveiled at the great day will be sexy and badass Gal Gadot, therefore returned to a new chapter. This time, towards the year 1984, in the midst of the cold war.

It is thus without pressure, and without tags spoilers for our little hearts fragile, that Patty Jenkins reveals on his Twitter account two new photos from the film. Like us, we’re nice, we’ll tell you what : ATTENTION SPOILERS.


In fact I am dead, but not really


The first photo shows Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) alive and well, walking down an alley to commercial with a look so freakin ‘ amazed. The “dead boyfriend” of Diana is finally well in life. Remains the question : how, in what way, why is it alive ? Or is this simply a flash-back of the heroine (unlikely that said) ? No one knows for now.

From her side Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) has other concerns to manage, she discovers for the first time the fascinating world of television in color. We are perhaps not yet in the era of the Ultra-4K, but it’s still not bad for a little novice who has not known that the sand and the fighting on the island lost in the middle of the ocean.

Wonder Woman 1984, which will therefore be the second installment is expected for the October 30, 2019 in France.


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