Work in progress: poorly respected signage around construction sites

The City of Sherbrooke will not add construction sites to the 40 or so major work sites in progress this week. The Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS), however, recalls the importance of respecting the signs because several accidents have been narrowly avoided in the downtown area, which could eventually lead to the issuance of statements of offense.

“The construction [ongoing since last Thursday on Grandes-Fourches] brings new issues, and as a driver, we must remember to respect the signs. We have seen over the past few days, the major problem is the motorists who drive on Wellington North [southbound] and who decide to go to the east – we must respect the signs in place that prohibits the turn left at this point! I was told that there were some problems, even ” past ” accidents, and we do not want that! “, Advance Martin Carrier, SPS public relations officer.

He reminds the drivers on this route that it should rather continue straight on Wellington to take the Grand Forks by Aberdeen, for example.

“Yes, there are detours, yes, there are new issues, but we must take the time to breathe and avoid making offenses, because our police are in the area and statements of offense could be issued if you do not respect the signaling, “warns Mr. Carrier, adding however that there has not been issued for this reason.

Access to shops

For the next few days, it will now be necessary to go through the entrance to the parking lot on King Street West in order to access the businesses on the east side of Grandes-Fourches Street (including the L’Extase store, Dentavie Dental Clinic and Tecnic Driving School).

This means that drivers from the west will have to cross the Saint-François River and follow the detour via Saint-François South, Council, Bowen South and King East streets in order to access the Central Block parking lot.

In addition, the main parking of the Maison du Cinéma is no longer accessible since it is used to store materials and machinery. It will be possible instead to use the second parking lot on the other side of Grandes-Fourches, via the same entrance as the shops in the Central Block, or to leave his car at La Grenouillère parking lot via Frontenac Street. .

Delays to come

The work on Grandes Fourches took three days late last week, during operations to get the new pipe under the railway, but this delay would be catching up, says the City.

However, a lack of staff, particularly due to a large turnover of staff and absent patients could lead to delays and even the postponement of some projects. These will be announced to elected Monday night.

Completed projects

Last week, two projects were completed, including the renovation of Émery-Fontaine Street, between Bertrand-Fabi Street and Saint-Roch Road South.

The City of Sherbrooke also indicated that it had made every effort to complete the work in the school zone before the start of the school year, excluding the largest projects that could not be completed within the window of the summer months.

To follow the works and detours in force, consult the

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