“Wrong in a good way”: Victoria Beckham has listened to the fans and chose a strange combination of colors

Victoria Beckham

Usually, a 44-year-old Victoria Beckham needs no fashion advice — she distributes them herself to the rights of the designer. But yesterday, the celebrity finally decided to trust the opinion on the part of your wardrobe and arranged a vote among its subscribers in Instagram. So carefully Victoria were preparing for a party in honor of the new collaboration the brand, and Sotheby’s auction house. The choice was between the red dress combined with purple shoes and a white skirt with a print, complemented with a blouse.

Victoria Beckham

First look Victoria herself praised as a rather bold, asking subscribers whether they consider the combination of red and purple too provocative or acceptable. Seems that the fans appreciated the curiosity to experiment — to a party at her boutique celebrity went still in a dress.

In gratitude for the help, Victoria shared with followers a lot of photos and videos from social events — the effect of the presence was a success! All who were not included in the invitation list, could see and appreciate and Christmas decorations, and the performance of the brass band, and dancing Victoria with musicians and, of course, the art itself. By the way, among Christmas decorations appeared and the doll in the Victoria times Spice Girls.

Always wanted to be a Christmas fairy!

— shared Beckham.

From 6 to 9 December in the flagship store Beckham on Dover street in London you will see a picture of the XVII-XIX centuries written by women.

These masterpieces were created by strong and independent women. Similarly, I try to give women confidence with its collections. I’m so happy that I can give people the chance to see these unique works!

— posted by Vic on his page.

Recall, this is not the first time Beckham has partnered with Sotheby’s. Paintings from the collection of old masters, has been exhibited in the designer shop in June of this year. However, this time David Beckham, I missed the presentation and did not support his wife, although Victoria herself recently accompanied her husband at the party, alcoholic brand Ambassador which is David.

But its fashionable look om the star, it seems, was satisfied.

Wrong in a good way! Love my purple shoes!

— I wrote to Vic, making it clear that to violate the classic rules of fashion and trying new things is worth it.

And you appreciate Beckham and her followers?

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