Xiaomi has introduced a powerful air purifier

Xiaomi представила мощный очиститель воздуха

The device is equipped with a touch screen.

The Chinese company Xiaomi has introduced a new version of the brand air purifier Mi Air Purifier. The device was quite powerful, and now he is able to cover a large area – 105 square meters.

A new generation of cleaner has three levels of filtering. Engineers also changed its energy consumption – the product has become more energy efficient.

Also, the device equipped with a touch screen. In addition, ochistitel you can use with your smartphone, however, need to pre-install the app. The product supports voice assistant Xiao AI.

Mi Air Purifier can be installed on the floor or hang on the wall.

There is a new version of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2499 yuan (about 360 U.S. dollars or 10 thousand hryvnia).

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