Xiaomi has introduced a robot for children

Xiaomi представила робота для детей

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan can play the role of a home tutor, teaching children English or other school subjects.

A unit of China Xiomi has unveiled a robot called NUWA XiaoDan.

The authors say that, thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence the robot is able to “Express” some emotion, writes the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference for a New time.

Although robots are not able to feel and create a natural emotion, expressiveness can fill their life. XiaoDan tries to mimic the actions and gestures that are characteristic of the people around him.

XiaoDan contains many elements of detection that can recognize faces, objects, gestures, sound sources and so on. At the same time, he has the ability to analyze semantics and to understand the dialogues the robot creates a dynamic three-dimensional model of emotions, which changes the emotional behavior of people. Thus, it allows users to interact with XiaoDan more natural way.

This articulated robot weighs 4 kg and can move thanks to its wheels located in the lower part of his body. Robot got 12 AI servo motors with microcontrollers MCU throughout the body. It can rotate 360°. XiaoDan located inside the battery 5.200 mAh.

XiaoDan uses a 7-inch screen as a face and has multi-directional microphones to listen and interpret conversations. In addition, in the upper part there is a camera that allows you to record 720p video and make video calls via WiFi. XiaoDan is designed with proprietary intelligent dialog system, but with a smartphone, we can program it to pronounce a new phrase.

Xiaomi NUWA XiaoDan can play the role of a home tutor, teaching children English or other school subjects, such as mathematics or astronomy.

In addition, an important feature XiaoDan is programming for children. Children can compile the dialogues and actions that work with persons and objects in the database. The programming is so simple that users require very little time to compose your own content. For programming XiaoDan they need only to execute some lines of code.

Unfortunately, it is still not known if this will reach the international market. However, he soon goes on sale in China at a price of about 2,300 yuan, or about $360.

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