Xiaomi presented a multitool for tourists

Xiaomi презентовали мультитул для туристов

The device was developed specifically for tourists.

The Chinese company Xiaomi has presented a very unusual device called ZMI Z1 Travel Assistant. This device combines four devices that are useful for every tourist.

In particular, ZMI Z1 Travel Assistant performs the functions of phone, an external battery, voice translator, and can also give the Internet.

The device has 4G, as well as two slots for SIM-cards. It has a standard set of applications that allow you to make calls, write messages, go online etc. The device got a physical keyboard, so the outside looks like an ordinary push-button telephone.

Travel Assistant ZMI Z1 equipped with a voice interpreter, which supports 17 languages. Thus, the user needs to dictate a phrase and the interpreter will voice it in a foreign language. Also available, the text translation function.

The battery capacity of this device is 5000 mA/h But the device itself consumes a lot of energy, so it can act as an external battery for charging other devices.

In addition, the device from Xiaomi can be used as a modem for Internet sharing through wifi for 10 devices or via USB to the laptop.

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