Y : the last man series, post-apocalyptic unveils a cast that sends heavy






In the breaking of comics available, there is something else that stories of super-heroes. Like Y : The Last Man, a series successful.

All carriers of the gene had disappeared from the surface of the globe. Dogs. Cats. Animals. Men. There are no longer any male on Earth… Except Yorick, a young american artist, and his monkey Ampersand. In the Face of this genocide-unexplained, the two poor survivors of the males must try to survive and find an explanation for this untoward occurrence while the women take power and reorganize society in their images. This is the topo of the comic series Y : The Last Man, and frankly, between us, it is rather amazing, isn’t it ?


Barry Keoghan in killing of the sacred deer


In any case, there is a chain that has managed to sniff out the lode gold of this saga of success, award-winning, and the lucky lady who has signed up for the adaptation is none other than FX, the studio behind Atlanta, Fargo, American Horror Story, Legion , or The Strain, in short, that the good (or almost). Although the urge is always present to adapt it into a tv series, the project has dragged in length from a couple of years (2015), from actors to actors for the main roles. Fortunately, it now seems to be part on the rails, ready to see his driver to turn in the near future, since the show runners come to announce the name of the future casting.

The protagonist (the one and the only) is camped out by the Irish boy Barry Keoghan, discovered recently in death of the sacred deer or Dunkirk. Beside him, Imogen Poots (28 weeks later) will lend his features to the sister of Yorick : the Hero. Their mother, called Jennifer Brown, strong head and politician talented will be played by the actual mom of Superman, Diane Lane.


If she was called Martha, all would have been able to finish


We then meet the great love of Yorick, the young Beth, part studied in Australia under the traits of Juliana Canfield (Succession) and finally the actress Lashana Lynch, soon to be in Captain Marvel, will interpret the Agent 355, sent by the government to preserve the lives of the last man on Earth. Side completion, Michael Green and Aïda Mashaka Croal engage in the pre-production of the project, monitored by the watchful eye of Brian K. Vaughan, co-creator of comics.

In sum, a beautiful casting that can promise a great success to a faithful adaptation (on the paper) from the comicbook. It remains only to cross the fingers to see one day, finally, this series on our television screens. For the moment, Y : the last man no no date of exit.


Complicated to be the only man on Earth

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