Yakubovich called for food, for which he is willing to sell Russia

Якубович назвал еду, за которую он готов продать Россию

According to the moderator, he will sell the home for pickles.

Famous Soviet and Russian actor, producer and longtime game show host “Field of dreams” Leonid Yakubovich Russia will sell for pickles, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Apostrophe.

Yakubovich said that after filming “Field of dreams” tries to immediately run out of the Studio, as there is “something incredible”: “All rush to the drum and eat what’s brought. Moreover, this is a must see. Puts cakes in his pockets, bosom…Administrators just yelling: “Caution, children do not crush!” I have the feeling that they come there to eat.”

Thus the presenter does not hide that loves to eat. “For pickles will sell the Motherland!”, – says Yanukovych.

Earlier, Jakubowicz also called “Field of dreams” confused and surprised at the stupidity of the participants.

Note that Leonid Yakubovich – the party member “United Russia” since 2004. In February 2012, was included in the list of trusted persons of the candidate in presidents of Russia of Vladimir Putin. He strongly supports the policy of Putin and considers worthy candidates for President, except it, in Russia.

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