Year Vinci : Italy wishes celebrations “around the world”

Année De Vinci : l'Italie souhaite des célébrations "partout dans le monde"

The Italian government presented on Wednesday the program of the celebrations planned for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), the Renaissance genius of which Italy wishes that it can be celebrated “anywhere in the world”.

“It is a feast that will last all year, and even beyond, and this is an opportunity for Italy to celebrate a genius, a genius that is ours, universally appreciated, to such an extent that the celebrations will take place everywhere in the world”, said the head of the government, Giuseppe Conte.

“It is not discipline that he has not explored, arts and letters, biology, anatomy, mathematics and also in philosophy. It is an immortal,” added Mr. Conte during a press conference for the presentation of the celebrations.

Dozens of events are planned until April 2020, involving several ministries, including those of Culture, of Education and of foreign Affairs.

The minister of Culture, Alberto Bonisoli, referred to three exhibits in particular : “Leonardo da Vinci : designing the future” (15 April to 14 July, in Turin), “da Vinci, the model man of the world” (17 April to 14 July, Venice) and one devoted to the Vinci the scientist who has opened its doors this Wednesday in Rome (until 30 June).

A two-euro coin at the effigy of the florentine master should be struck, and four stamps in the post of Italian representative some of her works will come out on may 2, the anniversary of his death.

“It is so Italian, and we feel so much that he is one of us that we are willing to help other countries to celebrate it,” added Mr. Bonisoli, which will be Friday in France to help the French to organize the important exhibition,” which is due to open at the Louvre end of 2019.

– The mona lisa… of Salvini –

A controversy triggered at the end of 2018 by the Italian secretary of State for Culture, Lucia Borgonzoni, was challenged an agreement providing that Italy is ready to France, his paintings of Leonardo da Vinci for exhibition in paris, in exchange for the loan of the works of Raphael for the commemorations next year of that other florentine master (1483-1520).

The climate has calmed down since, under the impetus of the presidents of france Emmanuel Macron and Italian Sergio Mattarella. The latter will, at the invitation of France, may 2, at Amboise (where da Vinci ended his days), as well as Chambord, two famous castles of the Loire (in the centre).

But the vice-Prime minister of italy, Matteo Salvini, customary of banderillas in the direction of France, could not prevent Wednesday to joke about the age-old controversy regarding the “mona lisa” on display at the Louvre.

“I am announcing that we are in the process of working with the French ambassador, to resume the +mona lisa+”, ironically said the one who is at the same time the boss of the extreme right.

“It will be more convenient for all those who want to see it up close. Joking aside, of course, we don’t need other international crises,” added the strong man of the government.

Many rumors are fueling even today in Italy the nagging feeling that the world famous “mona lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci have been stolen, like hundreds of other works of art, by Napoleon Bonaparte.

One of the hypotheses used to explain the theft, in 1911, the Mona Lisa at the musée du Louvre is also the author of the facts, a modest worker, Italian, acted by patriotism in order to make the masterpiece to his native land.

However, it is considered established that the artist sold the painting to king Francis I, who had invited him to stay at the castle of Amboise at the end of his life.