Yellow vests: over 105 million views for a fake news related to the movement on Facebook

Gilets jaunes: plus de 105 millions de vues pour des fake news liées au mouvement sur Facebook

According to a study by the NGO Avaaz revealed this Wednesday, 13, the false news about the yellow Vests have been viewed more than 105 million times on the social network Facebook. The survey was carried out on 100 fake news the most shared on the site between the 1st November and the 6th of march.

The finding is alarming. The non-profit organisation Avaaz unveiled a study indicating that the fake news related to the movement of the yellow Vests had been viewed more than 105 million times on Facebook.

The survey was conducted between the 1st November and the 6th of march, on the 100 false information relayed on the social network. In total, these false news were patagées more than four million times, according to the NGO.

It is a publication with more images expected to testify for the police violence suffered by the yellow Vests that has been the most shared (3.5 million times). However, some of the photos submitted have been taken… at events in Spain.

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In second place comes a video of the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron dancing to the music of the eastern. The legend “and during that France was wrong”, it was assumed that the president was amused and openly during the crisis.

The video has been filmed in October, a month earlier, during the summit of the Francophonie in Armenia. The short video has been viewed over 5.7 million times and is always online.

Other examples are also demonstrated by Avaaz, such as a photo of the Champs-Elysées in full manifestation is supposed to be “censored” by the social network. So censored that it has been viewed over nine million times.

“These large numbers show the extent to which the movement of the yellow Vests has been contaminated by the disinformation”, “alarmed” by Christoph Schott, director of campaigns of the NGO. “The alarm bells should be ringing throughout Europe to the european elections approach, which will be the test of ultimate strength to the immune system of our democracies”, he continued.

The study of Avaaz also shows that the public broadcaster RT France, funded by the Russian State, has been the most viewed to videos of the protests. She has made “more than double the views generated by The World, The Obs, The Huffington Post, Le Figaro and France 24, the combined.

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