Yellow vests: wounded by a shot from a LBD, a protester lost his eye

Gilets jaunes: blessé par un tir de LBD, un manifestant a perdu son œil

David B., age 39, demonstrated on the Champs-Elysées Saturday, march 16, for the act 18 of yellow Vests. He claims to have been injured in the eye by a shot from a LBD without having taken part in the violence. He would have lost the use of his eye.

Violence broke out on the Champs-Elysées on Saturday for the act 18 of yellow Vests. A man, 39 years old, native of the Dawn, has been seriously injured at eye level as he was at the Fouquet’s with other protesters, without taking part in the excesses caused by the thugs.

“I walked quietly with fifty other yellow Vests at the height of the restaurant Fouquet s. We were not with the thugs. Around 16h, while the forces of the order were visible, but at a distance, I was touched to the eye. I was immediately taken in charge by the Street Medics. For the people who surrounded me, there was no doubt, I’ve been hit by a shot from the LBD. My goggles have exploded under the violence of the shock”, said this man, who is called David B., on the website of news Channel 32.

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Hospitalised in Cochin, he feared for his job if he could not find the view at the level of his injured eye, the left eye.

According to an information of BFM revealed this Monday, he has lost the use of his eye. And a complaint was filed by his lawyer in the afternoon.

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