“Yes, I could tell her “honey Bunny”: first interview of the Deputy Slutsky accused of harassment

Leonid Slutsky

Leonid Slutsky Chairman of the State Duma Committee on international Affairs, accused of sexual harassment (but managed to avoid any penalty), for a long time refused to communicate with journalists on this topic and finally managed to talk to one of the best Russian interviewers — Ksenia Sokolova. Great interview with a politician, who is credited with an affair with singer Zara, released today on “the Snob”, SPLETNIK.RU publishes the most vivid passages.

On familiarity to the BBC journalist Farida Rustamova (in a recording provided by Farida, Slutsky calls the journalist “sicoda”):

In my vocabulary there is no such word. I could say “baby”… “Baby” I say to all girls and women are being well treated. Your daughter, for example, or assistants in the state Duma…

On the question of Xenia Sokolova, enough whether Slutsky journalist Rustamova for the pubis, the MP replied in the negative. When Sokolov was asked to clarify what had happened in the office, he replied:

Maybe she was in a bad mood and I joked trying to lift the mood.

No physical contact with the pubic or other body parts this lady I was not. Again, consider this an official statement.

Well, the cheek kiss, maybe I don’t remember. But do not force it. To kiss a girl on the cheek is normal, it is a sign of positive attention. At least in the eyes of the people of my generation. From my point of view and in the eyes of the people of my generation, it is a sign of attention to the person who just came and interviewed and left, and is a certain respect and attention. In my opinion, this is pure positive. Perhaps, for the generation of 30-year-old this is absolutely not true and quite the contrary.

Ksenia Sokolova

Despite the fact that Slutsky denied all the allegations, he apologized to the journalists:

I want most sincerely to apologize to these girls, if I said or did something unpleasant to them. Ready to meet and discuss the situation. If necessary, ready to answer in court.

And when Ksenia Sokolova asked why the girl didn’t do this sooner, the MP said:

Probably got confused. Confess now, of course, is not easy. But I publicly and completely unfounded accused of dirty things I do, and believe me, it was very unpleasant. I apologize, there may not be enough clearly. In our culture, a man generally has a hard time with apologies.

About how the family reacted to the scandal

Just in time for scandal my grandson was born — Leonid Slutsky Jr. So the family this event paid more attention. But of course, it was unpleasant, especially to me, due to the fact that my family was forced to listen to this stuff from each iron. However, this was not the most difficult ordeal in my life.

Leonid Slutsky

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