Yvelines : he killed his wife and called the police

Yvelines : il abat son ├ępouse et appelle les gendarmes

The events took place Sunday night at Follainville-Dennemont, in the Yvelines.

Shortly before 18: 00, a man of 70-year-old shot and killed his wife, aged 56 years. Then he called the police to say he had shot his wife and that he was going to kill himself.

The military arrived on the scene, have only been able to see the death of the fifty-year-old, who was riddled with bullets.

As for her husband, he was found in another room and has been challenged without difficulty. He was placed in police custody.

The investigation was assigned to the brigade of research of Mantes-la-Jolie. The track of the drama in marriage is privileged.