Yvelines: the former mayor of Favrieux accused of pedophilia

Yvelines: l'ancien maire de Favrieux accusé de pédophilie

Several witnesses concurring in denouncing the facts of paedophilia have led to Wednesday 13 the police custody of the former mayor of Favrieux (Yvelines). Photos of the putting in scene with his alleged victims were also allegedly discovered at his home. He could have taken advantage of his position to invite young boys and abuse them.

While the investigation is still in its infancy and that the suspect remains innocent until proven guilty, the questions are all the same on the number of potential victims. Already several have been identified in addition to those who denounced acts of pedophilia perpetrated by the former mayor of Favrieux (Yvelines), Robert Valo. The man of 80 years would have indeed taken advantage of his position to lure in whole groups of young boys to abuse them.

According to actu.fr first, a victim would have accused the former municipal official (in office from 2001 to 2014) to have abused children aged 8 to 12 years of age in the 1990s. He would have invited him home on the grounds of the proposed activities by the festival committee. There, on the pretext of the games, he would have raped or sexually assaulted several children.

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After you have collected this first testimony, the investigators have contacted the other persons named as victims. All would have confirmed the facts, but only three of them have finally decided to lodge a complaint.

Accusations that seem to corroborate the discoveries made in the home of the suspect. Many photos have been seized, of which some would put in scene the man in situations that are ambiguous with his young victims. A judicial investigation for raping a minor 15 years of age should be open.

The survey could, however, be complicated by the mental state of the suspect. Arrested Wednesday and placed in custody, the man underwent an initial psychological assessment, which has concluded that its senility. Such a dementia, if it is declared after the facts, do not constitute a ground for criminal liability, but would make it more difficult manifestation of the truth and could have an impact on a potential sentence.

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