Zaitsev has promised not to sit more behind the wheel

Зайцева пообещала не садиться больше за руль

The defendant in a traffic accident that occurred in Kharkiv in October 2017 and as a result of which 6 people died, Elena Zaitseva said that he could not even speak about her ever again sat behind the wheel.

She said this during a debate in the Kiev district court of Kharkov, reports pack.

Zaitsev also said that he recognizes his guilt and repents.

“I acknowledge all the points of traffic violations that I was charged in the indictment. I feel a little guilty. Of course, I’ll never sit behind the wheel, it can’t be”, – said the defendant.

“I do sincerely repent, so I admit all claims. And I will try to repay them to the best of their capabilities,” she added

Zaitsev stressed that they are ready to bear the punishment that she will appoint court.

However, her lawyers in his speech, argued in court that most of the wine on the second defendant in the case, the driver “Volkswagen” Gennady Drones, because he broke the rules of the road and having a great driving experience, did not foresee possible developments.

“For 8 seconds before the collision Zaitsev goes to “green”. At this time, the drones had to be before the traffic light, but was within it. So he began to violate traffic rules. He deliberately stood in this place” – quoted defender Zaitseva, Evgeny Melnichenko local edition 057.

“Auto Zaitseva is an administrative violation,” – said the lawyer.

According to him, for supernumerary accident was not the reason for the emergency braking and it was not possible to stop at the stop line.

However, he argues that “Lexus” Zaitseva was moving at a speed of 65 km/h.

“Dronovu 4 seconds before the collision it was forbidden to move. The drones did not understand the charges because they do not know how to move. Zaitsev was entitled to expect that the drones will miss her,” said the defender, adding that his client has done everything possible to avoid a collision, and no drones, with 25 years of driving experience.

“If the drones did not violate traffic rules, there would be no collision. He deliberately ran a red light (traffic light – ed),” added another lawyer Yulia Zaitseva Trump.

She asked the court, despite the outcry, to be fair and make the punishment for Zaitseva “in the circumstances”.

It is noted that the Prosecutor Maxim Blokhin said that the fault of both drivers are proven, and because the defendants have destroyed whole generations, should receive the maximum punishment.