Zombies, alcohol, Scotty : Simon Pegg looks back on his years of alcoholism and depression






It is one of the emblems of the most friendly and popular culture geek, but as it comes to the reveal, these last few years have had an air of the way of the cross.

Noticed thanks to the fantastic series Spaced – lit, Simon Pegg has met with the public at large of the opportunity of Shaun of the Dead, which he co-wrote with with his sidekick Nick Frost. Pastiche film and brilliantly designed, the film had to spend as an ambassador from a gluttony, passionate and generous.

The rest of his career has the air of a fantasy fan, Pegg has since become the security deposit nerd of many of the franchises that he loved being kid. Visible in Mission : Impossible, Star Trek, he has starred in many other films and appeared in a franchise famous on the occasion of the Awakening of the Force, or even Land of the dead – The Territory of the dead.


Well, it is true that he did not look super super strong


A journey friendly and rich, who sees now a screenwriter for the franchise Star Trek. But the artist comes to indulging in a long interview in the columns of the Guardian, particularly relating to who has closely followed his career. He revealed that he had suffered from depression since 18 years old, and have had long resorted to self-medication of alcohol.

“I said to myself… I’m in a movie with Tom Cruise, I have the role of Scotty in Star Trek, all of this should make me happy. But I wasn’t. “

Pegg explains that his alcohol dependency and his confusion gradually increased, until it culminates in the filming of Mission : Impossible 3.

“When I see the movie, I see where I was at the time, that is to say, rather lost, unhappy and an alcoholic. “


“Take the hair of the beast”


The testimony is in places overwhelming, and Pegg is now out of business, force of treatment, follow-up and cures of detoxification. It allows you to better understand the character, but also to rethink his filmography.

As he points out himself, and as we could perceive, at its output, The Last Pub before the end of the world takes on a very particular, beyond its amazing atmosphere disenchanted.

“I had the impression to tell what was happening to me to people. Because it’s exactly that addiction. It is like having a second head that grows a second head, interested only in his self-destruction, and that puts it before everything else – your marriage, your children, your job. “

And for the viewer to remember the smile of this anti-hero’s emotional and pathetic, which were the joy of life after the end of the world. We recommend the transcript of this interview, interesting, sincere and kind as to give some clues as to the personality of Simon Pegg. The actor will be at the poster for Mission Impossible : Fallout on August 1st.


Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise

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